How Free-to-Play MMOs Retain Their Players

One of the hardest things for any game to do is retain its player base. This is a less pressing concern for games that require an upfront purchase as they are still receiving some income. However, free-to-play games all require their players to spend money in game to fund them. With AAA releases often only having around 10% of the players completing their story modes, is there much hope for any free-to-play MMO? Clearly, there is, since plenty of them have gone on to be a smash hit.

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Avoid Em’ Up Ellipsis is Great

Ellipsis by Salmi Games is an indie game due to be released on Steam at the end of January 2017 and it’s quite unlike anything I’ve played before. Normally in a game, you are only dodging things so you can blow something up further down the line. Not in Ellipsis. Ellipsis is all about dodging, weaving and avoiding being hit while you collect neon dots; this is what makes it so special.

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Star Realms and Colony Wars and Crisis Expansions – Review

Despite that long and potentially overwhelming title, Star Realms is actually a really simple deckbuilding card game. A deckbuilding game is one where you start with a very bare bone set of cards – in this case just 10 – and slowly acquire more and in doing so build up a deck. Star Realms is easily one of the smartest and most addictive short card games I’ve played in a very long time – it is also one of the best.

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One Night Stand – Review

One Night Stand is exactly as awkward and strange as it sounds – it’s all about waking up naked next to a stranger. The fallout and story that follows can either be embarrassing, touching or a combination of the two. One Night Stand has a total of 12 different endings and plenty of branching conversations where every choice seems as awkward as the next.

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Orwell – Review

Orwell is one of those games that makes you think. It makes you think about how surveillance works in the real world. It makes you think about what you put online as this can be misunderstood or taken out of context. It makes you think about what your credit card statement says about you. Most of all though it makes you think about what is considered as right and wrong.

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GamerTime UK Podcast #9 – Phoenix wright, SWAT 4, Stellaris, Tales of Quiz

Hello again! On this week’s podcast, I am joined by Gav and George where we discuss just how mad Phoenix Wright is. After that, George puts a compelling argument forward for playing SWAT 4. We then chat about Stellaris and strategy games in general before ending this episode with a quiz based on the ‘Tales of’ JRPG series.

Thanks for listening 🙂

GamerTime UK Podcast Interview with One Night Stand Developer Lucy Blundell

Hello, fine people. We have something a bit different for you today. I interviewed the brilliant indie developer Lucy Blundell about her recent game One Night Stand. You can ready my review of One Night Stand (here) and find the game on Steam (here) or (here). You can also follow Lucy on Twitter @Kinmoku87 or visit her website at

GamerTime UK Podcast Oldcast #1 – Street Fighter V, Unravel, Firewatch, Dying Light, The Division

This week we couldn’t get enough people together to do a proper podcast. Fortunately, there are a few episodes of the oldcast that haven’t been reuploaded and here is one of them. In this first ever GamerTime podcast we discuss Street Fighter V and fighting games in general, Mike isn’t all that impressed with Unravel, Chris and I talk about the amazing Firewatch, we have some Dying Light chat and finally discuss The Division. A quick reminder that this podcast took place in early 2016, so everything we talk about is out of date but still interesting.

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GamerTime UK Podcast #7 – Dreadnought, Time Commanders, PlayStation Vita

Welcome back. Nevi here again and this week I’m joined by Gav and George. After a slightly surreal delve into our sleeping patterns, we discuss the recent Dreadnought Beta, the Time Commanders TV show and my new obsession with the PlayStation Vita. We also answer out first listener question. For those who are interested, I couldn’t remember the name of the space sim where you played as a frigate class ship. Anybody got any ideas? Also I multiple times struggle to say Nihilumbra – a mix of nihilism and umbra and not nihilation and umbra like I kept saying. Anyway, enjoy the podcast.

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