World of Final Fantasy – Review

Final Fantasy XV isn’t the only Final Fantasy game being released this year. World of Final Fantasy is out on PlayStation 4 and Vita and it is an interesting throwback to the Final Fantasy games of old and also doubles as a cool crossover game featuring heroes from across the series.

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Blade and Bones – Review

Since the original Dark Soul was met with such resounding success and critical response, many games have tried to match the quality and atmosphere that From Software achieved. Plenty have failed, but lots have succeeded in their own way. Blade & Bones clearly draws inspiration from the acclaimed series while also heading off in their own direction, however, they haven’t put the same care and attention in and that is a shame. I really wanted to like Blade & Bones, but it does itself no favours.

Firstly I need to say that Blade & Bones feels like an Early Access game. Things don’t make sense, the text has multiple glaring spelling and grammatical errors, the combat feels unfinished and the game can look awful. Blade & Bones should not be out for release right now as the developers are clearly a long way from actually having a finished game. If this was, in fact, an Early Access game, then I would be much more forgiving. As it stands right now though the number of issues are unacceptable. Continue reading “Blade and Bones – Review”

Stereo Aereo – Review

Stereo Aereo by The Stonebot Studio is a rhythm action game available on Steam. You control a spaceship moving through lanes of traffic, blasting police bots and generally trying to escape trouble so you can reach a gig on the other side of the galaxy. It’s stuffed full of 80’s themed one-liners, but don’t let the words ‘smooth’ and ‘bogus’ being repeated a dozen times per song put you off.

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Avoid Em’ Up Ellipsis is Great

Ellipsis by Salmi Games is an indie game due to be released on Steam at the end of January 2017 and it’s quite unlike anything I’ve played before. Normally in a game, you are only dodging things so you can blow something up further down the line. Not in Ellipsis. Ellipsis is all about dodging, weaving and avoiding being hit while you collect neon dots; this is what makes it so special.

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One Night Stand – Review

One Night Stand is exactly as awkward and strange as it sounds – it’s all about waking up naked next to a stranger. The fallout and story that follows can either be embarrassing, touching or a combination of the two. One Night Stand has a total of 12 different endings and plenty of branching conversations where every choice seems as awkward as the next.

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Orwell – Review

Orwell is one of those games that makes you think. It makes you think about how surveillance works in the real world. It makes you think about what you put online as this can be misunderstood or taken out of context. It makes you think about what your credit card statement says about you. Most of all though it makes you think about what is considered as right and wrong.

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The Metronomicon – Review

Rhythm games have allowed players to acted out their greatest fantasies as rock stars with the like of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but with The Metronomicon we can now be dancing adventurers.

Music like a regular rhythm game, The Metronomicon, has a scrolling wall of button inputs that players need to hit in rhythm to the music. However, unlike anything else you are in control of four different characters and you have to fight monsters. Each hero serves a different purpose from the cleric who heals damage to the mage who can hurl fireballs. By chaining button inputs on each characters players can unleash an attack by them, but they then cannot attack for a few moments meaning players are constantly switching between party members. At first, this can feel like trying to play four different instruments at the same time, but it quickly evolves into seamlessly controlling each character and activating attack after attack.

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Videoball – Review

Video games have been trying to emulate and replicate sports for years. There are the more generic entries of the Fifa and NFL games and then there are the cookier ones like Rocket League and Mario Power Tennis. Most of them in some way or another take an already established sport and turn it into a video game, but Videoball does something a bit different. It takes elements of sports games and bundles them together in a cool new package.

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Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg – Review

Blitzkrieg is the latest expansion to the Order of Battle World War 2 turn-based strategy game. I have never played any of the previous expansions, so will be jumping in as an entirely new player. It is first worth saying that while Steam say this game is free to play, it isn’t. You can try a few maps and scenarios for free, but then you need to buy one of the expansions. Think of it like how Telltale games often have the first episode free, but the rest are paid. Now I’ve gotten that out-of-the-way let’s dive into why this game is both very good and very bad at the same time.

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Stranger of Sword City – Review

Stranger of Sword City is a dungeon crawling JRPG. It’s full of anime tropes, turn-based combat, sprawling dungeons, but none of it has very much depth. The story hardly manages to grab your interest. The battles are grind fests and the levelling and equipment system is all too generic. This game might work better as a handheld game that you can dip into for short bursts, but playing on PC doesn’t quite work.

Let’s start with the story. You begin your adventure as the only survivor on a Japanese flight and awaken in a strange land. You quickly encounter monsters, make friends with some of the locals and realise you have super powers. All of it shouts bland anime storyline and lands flat like a skydiver without a parachute. Interesting premise, but bad execution.

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