Bits & Pieces Podcast – Episode 1 – Rising Storm, Day of Infamy, Cook Serve Delicious, Board Games

Hello fine people,

Welcome to the very first Bits & Pieces podcast. A podcast all about those things we call games. Nevi and George kick things off by discussing the Rising Storm 2 beta and Day of Infamy. Then there is a massive segment on the amazing adventures of running a restaurant in Cook Service Delicious. Finally, this is capped off with some board games including Two Rooms and Boom and Through the Ages.

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GamerTime UK Podcast #9 – Phoenix wright, SWAT 4, Stellaris, Tales of Quiz

Hello again! On this week’s podcast, I am joined by Gav and George where we discuss just how mad Phoenix Wright is. After that, George puts a compelling argument forward for playing SWAT 4. We then chat about Stellaris and strategy games in general before ending this episode with a quiz based on the ‘Tales of’ JRPG series.

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GamerTime UK Podcast Interview with One Night Stand Developer Lucy Blundell

Hello, fine people. We have something a bit different for you today. I interviewed the brilliant indie developer Lucy Blundell about her recent game One Night Stand. You can ready my review of One Night Stand (here) and find the game on Steam (here) or (here). You can also follow Lucy on Twitter @Kinmoku87 or visit her website at

GamerTime UK Podcast Oldcast #1 – Street Fighter V, Unravel, Firewatch, Dying Light, The Division

This week we couldn’t get enough people together to do a proper podcast. Fortunately, there are a few episodes of the oldcast that haven’t been reuploaded and here is one of them. In this first ever GamerTime podcast we discuss Street Fighter V and fighting games in general, Mike isn’t all that impressed with Unravel, Chris and I talk about the amazing Firewatch, we have some Dying Light chat and finally discuss The Division. A quick reminder that this podcast took place in early 2016, so everything we talk about is out of date but still interesting.

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GamerTime UK Podcast #7 – Dreadnought, Time Commanders, PlayStation Vita

Welcome back. Nevi here again and this week I’m joined by Gav and George. After a slightly surreal delve into our sleeping patterns, we discuss the recent Dreadnought Beta, the Time Commanders TV show and my new obsession with the PlayStation Vita. We also answer out first listener question. For those who are interested, I couldn’t remember the name of the space sim where you played as a frigate class ship. Anybody got any ideas? Also I multiple times struggle to say Nihilumbra – a mix of nihilism and umbra and not nihilation and umbra like I kept saying. Anyway, enjoy the podcast.

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GamerTime UK Podcast #6 – Planet Coaster, Titanfall 2, XCOM 2, Reigns, Games of the Year

Welcome back to the GamerTime podcast. Nevi here and this week I’m joined by Mike and George. Something really weird happened and my recording stopped for about 20 minutes or so, but then picked back up at the end. I think it was because my mic disagreed with my games of the year, so the last part of the podcast might be a little confusing in parts. I’ve edited it to limit this, but it will still be a bit odd in places.

For the actual podcast, though: Mike talks about how is disappointed in Planet Coaster, we talk about poor old Titanfall 2, George goes into depth about XCOM 2 and Reigns. Finally, we end with our top 3 games of the year (minus mine). If you are interested in them then, then they were Uncharted 4, Orwell and Firewatch in that order from 1-3. Let me know how they stack up to your own.

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GamerTime UK Podcast #5 – Kingdom Death, Kickstarter, Final Fantasy XV, FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Hello again, Nevi here. I’m joined by George and Harrison and this week we discuss the huge success of the Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter, I try to explain Final Fantasy to two people who don’t know anything about the series, Final Fantasy XV and George preaches as to why FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage is the great racing game ever. Thanks for listening.

GamerTime UK Podcast #4 – Beholder, Video Game TV Series, Board Games

This week it is just Nevi and George, so they’ve decided to go off the rails and have some board game chatter. They also discuss which video games would make good TV series if any. George also talks about the indie game Beholder where he plays a landlord who must report on his tenants to a shadowy government – scary stuff. I’ve just realised that I’ve written this out backwards to the actual events, but your clever people so you’ll figure it out.

Bonus point to people who can hear my budgies in the background. They say hello. πŸ™‚

GamerTime UK Podcast #3 – Total War, Cities Skylines, PS4 Pro

This week Nevi is joined byHarrison and Mike. Discussing quickly goes from Total War to how Nevi committed accidental genocide in Cities Skylines. There is also some talk about the PS4 Pro and what that’s all about. Finally, we end this episode with a tricky round of The Dungeon with both choices being equally deplorable. Thanks for listening!