6 Pieces of Advice for a Healthy Smile

Our teeth are important. We don’t get an extra set like a shark, and they don’t continuously grow like a beaver, so we need to take care of them to ensure they last throughout our lives. Thankfully, though, there are things everyone can do improve the quality of their teeth. If you follow these steps, then you shouldn’t have any problems with oral health and your teeth will last a long time.

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ICEBOX: Speedgunner – Review

You take your first steps into this strange world, unsure where you are or why. Charging forward you grab a weapon, it will probably come in useful. Surprised by your speed, you listen to the strange voice as it compels you to run forward. Humanoid enemies try to stop your journey, but you shoot them down or leap past, always continuing toward your destination. The floor begins to break apart, and you find yourself falling, but the voice comes to you again advising you to ‘glitch’. The world slows, and you jump on the air as if it was the ground until you land on a solid surface once more. Just like that, you are back on the path, the path to the exit of this strange world.

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Turmoil – The Most Relaxing Game Ever

Have you ever wanted to be an oil baron? Live at the top of the world looking down those poor miserable peons below? Have unlimited wealth and have every possible door open to you? Ever wanted to manage excessive budgets and make decisions that affect millions? Fortunately, Turmoil is nothing like any of that. Instead, it is a light time management puzzle game where players take on the role of 1800’s American oil hunters. While drilling for black gold, you will begin to accrue a small fortune, upgrade your equipment and if you are doing really well then obviously you can buy a small town.

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