The Fun We Had: Best Games of 2017

As years in video games go, 2017 has been a big one. Loot Crate gambling systems and exploitative tactics are finally being noticed by people outside the game-o-sphere. The whole saga illustrates that the video games industry still views itself as a cultural niche, rather than a multi-billion pound industry. People got away with the uniquely exploitative practices because video games are to an extent ignored by the wider society. Still, it’s not all bad. This year we saw more games recognising LGBT identities with some excellent games and PlayStation sponsoring Pride in London. There was also the addition of Co-pilot on Xbox which makes games far more accessible for people with disabilities. See it isn’t all money grabbing corporations, there is a lot of good in the world of video games. Speaking of good, nay great, here are our best games of 2017.

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Best Bits – Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a game where you play all the roles in a teen horror movie. You get to choose how each character acts, what they say and whether they live or die. It is a game where your decisions matter and affect the direction of the story. All of which is brilliant, but isn’t the best bit.

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The 8 Best Ways to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Winter is coming! And while this may not be Game of Thrones, you will still want to make sure that your home is ready and prepared to keep you warm during these cold months. Here are some handy hints on the best ways to keep your home nice and cosy this winter.

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