Divinity: Dragon Commander – Less is More

Less is More is a series of articles that looks at games mechanics, gameplay elements, locations and other such design choices that weren’t needed and how they retract from the overall experience of the game.

I really wanted to like Divinity Dragon Commander. On paper, it ticks all my boxes. Unique-ish fantasy world, a rich tapestry of characters, turn based world conquering, oh and RTS battles where you play as a dragon with a jetpack. Honestly, they had me at jetpack dragon but the rest did sound really interesting as well. The problem with Divinity Dragon Commander is that it is the very same rocket fueled dragon that lets the rest of the game down, too. I know, I was disappointed, too.

The problem with the RTS battles is the total lack of control players have over their units, factories (which produce units) and constructing new structures. Players have rudimentary control but nothing that allows for any strategy. Not that Dragon Commander’s RTS battles involve a great deal of that anyway. Mostly it makes a big army, enter dragon mode and hope that you win. If not, then repeat until either you can’t build more units or the enemy has been wiped out. It isn’t very interesting and since you can easily have multiple battles in a single turn of the game it gets old very quickly.

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