The Metronomicon – Review

Rhythm games have allowed players to acted out their greatest fantasies as rock stars with the like of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but with The Metronomicon we can now be dancing adventurers.

Music like a regular rhythm game, The Metronomicon, has a scrolling wall of button inputs that players need to hit in rhythm to the music. However, unlike anything else you are in control of four different characters and you have to fight monsters. Each hero serves a different purpose from the cleric who heals damage to the mage who can hurl fireballs. By chaining button inputs on each characters players can unleash an attack by them, but they then cannot attack for a few moments meaning players are constantly switching between party members. At first, this can feel like trying to play four different instruments at the same time, but it quickly evolves into seamlessly controlling each character and activating attack after attack.

For the rest of this article please visit Brash Games – here.


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