The Final Fantasy XV Camera is Rubbish

I should start by stating that when I say camera I don’t mean the one that Prompto uses. That one is amazing. What I mean is the one that you are constantly at odds with as you teleport all over the place, perform crazy moves and swaps to your allies while they do their abilities. That one is rubbish.

Certainly, you can ‘control’ this camera through using the right analogue stick and to some extent through the lock on feature. However, this is no way enough for a game with combat that moves so quickly. Final Fantasy XV gets quite a few things right, but I fear its list of failings is nearly as long.  With no way of easily bring the camera to bear in the direction you are facing it makes battling opponents a tiresome ordeal.

The camera is great while you are driving around this gorgeous world, but as soon as you actually want to use it in combat it becomes a tyrant, impossible to turn to your cause. So many times I have teleported to an enemy and they have moved slightly behind me and even though I’m locked on Noctis (bless him) is left swinging at thin air. This happens at least a handful of times in every fight and serves only to ruin and otherwise enjoyable action-combat system.

While employing allies abilities the problem only grows. The camera almost feels like it doesn’t know what to do as you are wrenched away from Noctis in favour of somebody else and then roughly thrown back again to see a blow dealt upon an adversary. While I could get to grips with this as after all you are in combat and such violent motions only serve to emphasise that, what I cannot entertain is when the camera ends up either not seeing what is happening as it gets stuck behind a rock or with it and Noctis facing in the wrong direction. The fact that the camera is so unruly when using allies abilities makes me dread using them as they break the flow of combat and often see multiple attacks sustained as I try to wrangle the camera back into position.

I am not somebody who cannot forgive a difficult camera if it serves a purpose. Take the Monster Hunter camera, it is frequently at odds with you. It, however, allows for easy manipulation and even though it can be difficult it emphasises the massive monsters you are fighting. It instead makes the battles all the more epic and enjoyable. The Final Fantasy XV camera is an entirely different tale. It takes away from the spectacle of the fights and makes the game far less enjoyable.


This article was originally published on but unfortunately, that site no longer exists, so I’ve republished it here.


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