GamerTime UK Podcast #6 – Planet Coaster, Titanfall 2, XCOM 2, Reigns, Games of the Year

Welcome back to the GamerTime podcast. Nevi here and this week I’m joined by Mike and George. Something really weird happened and my recording stopped for about 20 minutes or so, but then picked back up at the end. I think it was because my mic disagreed with my games of the year, so the last part of the podcast might be a little confusing in parts. I’ve edited it to limit this, but it will still be a bit odd in places.

For the actual podcast, though: Mike talks about how is disappointed in Planet Coaster, we talk about poor old Titanfall 2, George goes into depth about XCOM 2 and Reigns. Finally, we end with our top 3 games of the year (minus mine). If you are interested in them then, then they were Uncharted 4, Orwell and Firewatch in that order from 1-3. Let me know how they stack up to your own.


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