Avoid Em’ Up Ellipsis is Great

Ellipsis by Salmi Games is an indie game due to be released on Steam at the end of January 2017 and it’s quite unlike anything I’ve played before. Normally in a game, you are only dodging things so you can blow something up further down the line. Not in Ellipsis. Ellipsis is all about dodging, weaving and avoiding being hit while you collect neon dots; this is what makes it so special.

The minimalist style of Ellipsis works great due to the stark contrast between the black background and the neon shapes scattered within. Broken into short, but challenging levels player’s guide themselves around using only their mouse. You need to break the seal on four numbered circles to make the gateway to the next level appear. However, there is a fifth that appears at the end which is needed if you want to get the maximum number of stars. Do you dart for the finish line and the safety it represents or will your hubris get the better of you as you attempt the fifth and final circle? A question that you’ll ask yourself in almost every level of Ellipsis.

Currently, the game has no text in it. Everything is really intuitive, from the first level all the way to the more difficult ones. Click the circle to start the level, dodge everything, bump into the circles, collect the dots and get out of there as soon as you can. The soundtrack is sort of soothing and makes the entire game relaxing rather than frustrating. Each level is just challenging enough to make it enjoyable and never feels unfair. If you end up crashing it is because you weren’t looking at which route an object was taking or you were careless.

While people who are very dexterous with a mouse are going to excel at this game, that doesn’t mean lesser able people will fail. Ellipsis requires more than just quick mouse movements to succeed. A large amount of planning and forethought is required as you often slowly weave between objects like a dancer pirouetting through a crowd. If you crash into a circle with too much force then the dots within will scatter across the level making it very difficult to collect them all. So, don’t let your assumed poor mouse skills put you off.

As you complete levels the ‘world map’ begins to sprawl outwards until it covers the darkness in something similar to a star constellation. The more levels you unlock the more amazing this map looks and the more you want to unlock to see it expanded further. There is also a level creator that includes all of the objects throughout the game. This is a really great and incredibly detailed addition. You can map out every object’s flight path and make certain things pop in once you have collected the required number of circles.

Ellipsis is already a great game, so I can’t wait for the full release in January. It comes with touchscreen support for Touch PCs, so there are plenty of ways to play. It is already available on iOS and Android.


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