Why Rise of Iron is the Best Build-Up to Destiny 2

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed Destiny’s latest expansion, Rise of Iron. However, it leaves me wanting more. The story is very short and introduces lots of things that aren’t fully developed, but I think Bungie knew this. While Rise of Iron is good, it’s no Taken King and I think Bungie know this as well. They are totally laying the groundwork for Destiny 2.

Rise of Iron doesn’t introduce any new mechanics – sure there are axes, but they hardly count. It revamps old Strikes, brings back old weapons and only increases the maximum light level. These are not necessarily good or bad things, they are just things. Because seriously how do you follow Taken King? Bungie couldn’t just leave Destiny where it was so they got a small team to put this expansion together in 9 months – which is impressive.

With the return of the Lords of Iron and the introduction of new characters, but with very few new areas the game screams “just wait for Destiny 2”. For many having a new Raid is the most important aspect of any Destiny expansion and while I’m looking forward to it I am now really looking forward to Destiny 2.

For many, the PVP is their main vice in Destiny and the addition of Supremacy is great, but nothing earth shattering. Archon’s Forge is a lot like Prison of Elders, but inferior in my opinion. Bungie is clearly struggling for ideas without showing their hand for Destiny 2 prematurely.

The Rise of Iron also dipped its toe into a partial fantasy setting. This gives Destiny 2 loads of room to expand now that it isn’t hemmed in by pure sci-fi. It also leaves a lot of unknowns especially about the Cabal which I can see being the initial focus of Destiny 2.

Destiny has struggled with telling a decent story despite it’s excellently crafted universe. Bungie nailed it with Taken King and showed with Rise of Iron that they can still tell a compelling story – even if it was short. They now have a rich background for Destiny 2 to be set in. They have established that they can do the shooting, a story, high-level raids, PVP and plenty of other things. The original Destiny no longer has anything to prove so bring on Destiny 2.

This article was originally published on GamerTimeUK but unfortunately, that site no longer exists, so I’ve republished it here.


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