Video Games For Good – A Wonderful Thank You To Gaming

Video Games For Good is a book containing the collaboration of multiple artists celebrating how amazing games are. It focuses on the positive outcomes that video games have provided to them. Be that on how it has strengthened their family bonds, relieved stress, escapism or crafted new friendships. It’s a great little book filled with joy.

Coming in A5 with 40 full-colour pages of comics, illustrations and stories it packs a lot into a tiny space. Sixteen different artists have contributed to this wonderful creation that celebrates gaming. The book also does a superb job of combating many of the negative stereotypes that are still attributed to people who play games and focuses on how they can enrich people’s lives

Video Games For Good feels like a huge thank you for time spent with games from every one of its artists. They are showing their appreciation in a different way, through a different story. Each tale is a wonderful insight into how gaming can affect people and the positivity it can nourish. I won’t spoil any of the stories, but I will say that if you have every played a game then you will find at least one that you relate to.

I find it refreshing to see something celebrate gaming in such an open and lovely manner. It is too easy these days to get caught up in wanting a game to be ‘perfect’ and instead of forgetting the enjoyment it can bring. Whether that is a game brings a simple adrenaline rush, makes you consider society in a new way or tries to scare your socks off, each experience shapes us and it is often in the imperfections that a game reminds of what it is to be human.

Video Games For Good is an excellent read and a brilliant addition to any bookshelf. It is also only £5. It will make you smile, laugh and remember days past and look forward those yet to come.

This article was originally published on GamerTimeUK but unfortunately, that site no longer exists, so I’ve republished it here.


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