Thea: The Awakening – Review

Thea: The Awakening, I’m sorry to say, is one of those games I had never heard of until I played it. This is despite it being out for quite a while and having multiple expansions and updates already released for it. Thea: The Awakening a marvellous hidden gem that gets it right where it matters.

With that said what is Thea: The Awakening? Think of Thea as a mix between a Civilisation game and a choose your own adventure game. Or a mix between Endless Legend and King of Dragon Pass (two excellent games in their own right). Players start with a small village and a handful of people and the plan is to survive and prosper. Where this is different from other in the genre is there is are a whole host of quests both main, sub and side. With varying rewards, difficulty and purpose. Some of these crop up because of entirely random events, but others are triggered because your village has met certain requirements. All of which feel wonderfully organic and make sense within the world of Thea: The Awakening.

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