The Humble Bundle Addiction

We’ve all been there. The tantalising temptation of just $1 for a bunch of games. It quickly escalates, though. “I could get the next tier as well. It’s only an extra $4”. And frequently just becomes “Heck. I might as well get all the games. You never know when I might feel like playing them”. It is a dangerous, but common road for many of us – Humble Bundle Addiction

I sometimes even buy a Humble Bundle with games I already own and convince myself that I’ll use them as presents for other people. This sometimes happens, but there are a lot of games just chilling in my Humble Library. There is always one or two games that will tempt me with and “Oh! I’ve been meaning to play that for ages” and I know I shouldn’t buy and entire bundle for just one game. It still happens, though.

But why does it happen? Why do we clog our Steam library with games that we are unlikely to ever download let alone play? Is it just that we can’t resist a bargain or is it a ‘collection culture’? Is it impulse buying or do we all just really like giving to charity?

I will admit that because some of the proceeds go to charity I feel less bad about buying a Humble Bundle than I would about getting a game I’m unlikely to play from say a Steam sale. Is that what convinces a lot of people?

And now there is Humble Monthly where a collection of curated games are delivered monthly. One game is teased, but the rest are a complete surprise. It is like getting a gift each month; you’re full of excitement and don’t quite know what to expect. But you paid for this don’t forget – I know I sometimes do.

I have gotten into the habit of checking the Humble Bundle website every Tuesday and Thursday to see what is new. That is more than I check plenty of other websites that actually provide enjoyable or informative experiences.

The Humble Bundle addiction is very real and I’m sure the reason differs by person, but I know I can’t let a good bargain pass me by. I’m working on my self-control, but then Humble Bundle will release something really good and it will fly back out the window.

Anybody else got a Humble Bundle Addiction they would like to share?

This article was originally published on GamerTimeUK but unfortunately, that site no longer exists, so I’ve republished it here.


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