From Street Zero to Street Hero (Maybe) -Part 1

Fighting games have officially been around for donkey’s years, but being good at them has always been an arduous task. We do however live in an age of the Internet; a world in which we can Google (and frankly who actually uses any other search engine) any information we want—from combo explanations to video guides about hitboxes. And that is all well and good, but a game shouldn’t need to rely on years of work compiled by its fans to be playable, should it?
I picked up a copy of Street Fighter V with a single mission in mind: I was going to become good at it without using any of this outside information. It was just going to be me and my controller all the way. No fancy joystick thingy. No frame rate explanations. No hitbox guides. No tutorials on how to build one combo into another. I was just going to use the information given to me by Street Fighter V, and in case anybody hasn’t noticed, but prior to the 30th March that wasn’t a great deal.

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