Forbidden Island – Review

A pilot, a messenger, a diver, and an engineer land on a deserted island searching for treasure is not the start to a really bad joke, but the set up for an excellent co-op game. Forbidden Island sees 2-4 adventurers searching for treasure on an island. There is just one catch—the island is sinking! You and your team must retrieve four very cool treasures and make it back to the plane before the island finishes its descent into the ocean.

Forbidden Island is a board game that doesn’t actually come with a board. Instead, it comes with a selection of tiles. At the start of any game, you are going to shuffle these up and place them in a cross shape. Each of these beautifully illustrated tiles represents a location on the island, and depending on which character you have chosen, you will start in a different location. And then there is the flood deck. At the end of a player’s turn, they are going to draw a card from the top of this and flip the tile that it matches. This location is now flooded. Uh-oh, right?


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