Five Video Games That Would Make Great Books

There are so many video game worlds, characters and events that I would like to revisit or explore further. I understand that pursuing these in as a video game might not work for a whole host of reasons, but maybe a novel or two would be the next best thing. Here is a list of five video games that would make great books.


With one of the most interesting, different and sublimely dark settings I’ve ever played in a video game, I would love to read more about what else is happening in the world of Bloodborne. There are so many themes that could be explored. I know that part of the attraction to Bloodborne is the mystery and the not every truly ‘knowing’, but I think that exploring further into the Bloodborne Universe can only be a good thing.

Endless Legend

Different species, different agenda, different paths to victory, different stories. Each race in Endless Legend is so different and interesting, yet their story isn’t ever fully explored. Sure, you get a video at the start showing where they are right now, but I want to know how they got there in the first place. How did the Cultists end up how they are? What caused the Vaulters to be stranded and why can’t they return to space? Just what exactly are the Broken Lords? There is definitely room to explore the lore surrounding each of these distinct races, cultures and heroes.

Invisible Inc.

Possibly the best turn-based tactical game I have every played – Invisible Inc. – also has lots of really interesting characters, and fleshed out the world and a gripping story. I’m curious to know what happened before though. The after I’m hoping will be Invisible Inc 2, but it’s the before that really interests me. What is Central and Monst3rs history? How did they meet? How did the corporations become so powerful? I would love to know.

Oddworld Series

Hands down one of the strangest settings in video game history – I would love to revisit Oddworld. I have continuously bounced off the games but always found the world really interesting. I think in book form I could finally fully experience the weird and wonderful world of Oddworld.


From the moment I started playing Destiny, I fell for its rich space opera setting but was let down by the initial storyline. The Taken King salvaged much of this but still left me wanting more. And while I have high hopes for Rise of Iron I still want to know more. I don’t know what Bungie’s plans are for the future of Destiny, but I would definitely read a book retelling parts of the game – especially following some of the heroes in the Tower we still don’t know much about. I think it could easily become a series of books that I’m sure many would enjoy.

This article was originally published on GamerTimeUK but unfortunately, that site no longer exists, so I’ve republished it here.

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