Five Video Games That Would Make Great Board Games

More and more video games are entering the board game market these days. With the likes of the X-COM, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Gears of War and Civilisation being converted into board game format I imagine more video games series aren’t far behind. Here is a list of some that I would like to see.

Mini Metro

Probably one of the most soothing and relaxing games thanks to its soundtrack and amazing simplicity, I think Mini Metro would be the exact opposite as a board game. All the passengers you are trying to get from A-B could all be sand timers with differing symbols just like the actual game. A sand time runs out and it’s an unhappy passenger counting negatively to you at the end of the game. The whole thing would be over in around 10 minutes, but they would be a brilliant 10 minutes of frantic commuting simulation.

Orcs Must Die

Killing orcs with a pal, laying traps, summoning minions to your aid. None of these things sound like they wouldn’t work in a board game. And I know there technically already and Orcs Must Die board game, but I don’t think they pulled it off especially well. So, playing cooperatively players must stop a horde of rampaging orcs. There aren’t enough tower defence style board games and I think with a shuffled deck of card to add randomness, and operating similarly to how the Boss Monster card game works this could make a really cool game.

Total War Games

I have been longing for a board game that has a really good campaign. Where I can play through a load of different games working towards an overall victory. That and the Total War games encapsulate both a strategic overworld and individual skirmishes. I can imagine a Total War board game having a map where miniatures are moved around, castles are built, troops are rallied and when a clash eventually occurs everything takes place on a different tactical map depending on what armies are present. It would be really long, but it sure would be one hell of an experience.

Rocket League

This would make a very cool dexterity game. Flicking cars into a big ball trying to score goals. I can imagine it being a lot of fun. I do understand that in the video game you can ride up walls and do cool boost shots and that the game can get very fast very quickly, but the board game could scale itself back a little and still be really fun.

King of Dragon Pass

Tales of the Arabian Nights is the closest game I can think of that would be a King of Dragon Pass board game, but it doesn’t include a village to grow. King of Dragon Pass is one of my all time favourite games and a board game would see the choose your own adventure stylings of the video game with each player having their own village, making their own decisions, fighting and trading with each other. I don’t know how it would all work, but there is already the start of a really interesting board game


This article was originally published on GamerTimeUK but unfortunately, that site no longer exists, so I’ve republished it here.

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