Tap Titans Review

Tap Titans by GameHive is an Android and iOS clicking game. Each time you tap your device the main character slashes their sword and deals damage. And that is pretty much the game. Doesn’t really sound like much does it? Well come with me; we shall delve deeper into what makes this simple game addictive and oddly challenging.

Firstly, heroes. You can spend money to recruit heroes. They each have a set damage they deal regardless of your taps. Heroes start to stack up around your screen and as your army grows you can really dish out the damage. Each hero starts at level 1 and has a whole host of special abilities that will unlock as they level. Eventually, if you can get them to level 1,000 then they reset to level one with better stats. They are pretty cool and have silly names like Charlotte the Special and Skulptor, Protector of Bridges. Funny, sort of.

Secondly, the main character. Similarly to the heroes, the sword swinging centrepiece gains abilities as they increase in level. However, each of these can then also be levelled allowing them to be further buffed. Moreover, they are not passive abilities and can instead be activated for a variety of effects. These effects range from increased critical rate to summoning a clone to slash alongside you. Once you reach level 600 you can choose to reset in the same way as heroes. There is also this fairy type creature that flies around holding a chest. She can be clicked on to drop said chest and this gives your character one of the above abilities or just some bonus gold. Worth keeping an eye out for.

Thirdly, nasties. Monsters are the meat of the game. Every 10 enemies you get to fight a mini-boss who has a lot more health and a timer. Fight through enough of these and get to the boss of each stage. Bosses have even more health and have a timer, too. Fail to kill the boss within the time limit (30 seconds) and they will disappear, but you can choose to fight it again whenever you feel like it. While you aren’t punished for losing it can be annoying as you don’t get to progress and you probably used all your cooldowns. However, I wasn’t expecting to actually lose. Having made it through first 50 levels without really trying; the game really amps up the bosses for the push to 80 and your first artefact. This has resulted in a series comical moments where I am frantically tapping my phone, sweat beading on my head and the person next to me on the train looking concerned. When you are victorious in the last 0.01 seconds it really does feel great. I certainly felt like a champ.

Fourthly, or finally, money. In this game it literally makes the world go round. You spend gold to upgrade everything. Sure you can get gems to buy stuff with from in-game achievements or by laying down real world cash, but if you just stop playing for a bit the game will collect coins for you. Tap Titans actively encourages you to come back and have another go later. Can’t beat that boss right now? Come back in a few hours and you’ll have a heap of money to spend on making your team good enough to kill it. It is this aspect that makes the game truly addictive. When I would normally get annoyed at losing to a boss, my fingers are tired and I’m a bit fed up; the game goes and basically says “go do some stuff for a bit and I you can beat it later”. And you know what, I   always win. There is no need for you to sit and grind, just go grab some food, take a shower, play another game or do anything other than play Tap Titans and it does all the hard work for you.

I feel at this point I should mention tapping techniques, for they do exist. You have your standard thumb taps and while they will suffice for normal monsters when a boss comes a knockin’ you are going to want to bring out the big guns. I present to you three tapping methods that have seen me to victory many times.

  • Technique number 1 – Use two thumbs to tap your phone and at the same time rock the phone back and forth. This forms a kind of pseudo-pendulum thing that increases your tap rate. This fun and effective method can see you rapidly through most monsters.
  • Technique number 2 – This one is quite simple. Turn your device sideways and rest in the palm of one hand. Taking your index and middle fingers alternately tap with each. This is a very effective method for mini-bosses.
  • Technique number 3 – Using the same method as technique number 2, add a third finger (the ring finger) for even greater results. This cannot and should not be sustained for extended periods. Take extreme caution and use exclusively on boss monsters.

My phone cycles through games at a staggering rate. Many don’t last more than a few hours before being uninstalled, yet Tap Titans has endured. I want to keep playing and I know that if I take a break for a bit the game will welcome me back with loads of gold to spend. So, you are probably thinking, should I get it? Well, it is free. So download it, try it and let me know if you cannot stop tapping either. Perhaps we can form a support group.


This article was originally published on http://www.gamertime.co.uk but unfortunately, that site no longer exists, so I’ve republished it here.

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